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Healing FAQs

How do I book a session?

Do you feel guided to book an energy healing? You can book a session by clicking here and making an online booking, or by WhatsApping me on +27615240637. As I will be with other clients, it may take me a few hours to get back to you so please bare with me. I promise to get back to you as soon as I can. 

What is your pricing?

All pricing is listed here. You are also welcome to WhatsApp me on +27615240637 and let me know your preferred treatment and I will get back to you. 

I don't know what I need. What treatment should I book?

If you aren't sure which treatment is best for you, I would suggest starting with the Initial Consultation & Energy Healing. This healing allows us extra time together to discuss your needs and history, along with channeled information so that we can choose the best healing modality for you in the session.

You are also welcome to contact me and we can discuss which treatment would best suit your needs. 

I am nervous about my appointment and don't really know what to expect. What should I do?

It is so important that you feel comfortable and relaxed in your treatment. If you are nervous about your booking, please WhatsApp or voice note me on +27615240637 so we can discuss any concerns you might have so that you can feel completely at ease before your treatment. If I am not available immediately, I will get back to you as soon as I can.

If your situation is complicated and a short phone call will not suffice in figuring out which treatment is best for you, please feel free to book an Initial Consultation & Healing so that we can work out the best way forward together. 

How do I prepare for my session?

The most important preparation needed for your session is your willingness to allow energy movement and change. Your energy belongs to you and energy healers need your permission in order to move or direct it. Other than that, there is no preparation needed, although if your session is in person, it is always best that you wear comfortable clothes so that you can relax completely during the treatment. 

What will I experience before a healing?

Once your intention has been set to have the healing, your energy will already start to shift. You may have a bit of a headache and you may have mild stomach issues. Drink lots of water to help flush your system. Sometimes, it is possible that you may feel agitated or a little tired before your session. This is just your energy reacting to the possibility of old habits and blocks being removed and is nothing to worry about.

What is Distance Healing?

Distance healing makes use of energy or metaphysical healing techniques such as Reiki, Astral and Interdimensional Healing, Space Clearing and even Crossing Over. The healing is done without the client physically having to be present. It is a beautiful way to reach beings all over the world who only have to take the time out of their busy day for the feedback session and not the whole healing session time.

How do I get feedback from my Distance Healing?

Before a Distance Healing I will do a check-in with your energy. If you are available at the time of your session,  I will call at the start of the session to discuss any information that has come through. I then work on your energy giving you time to rest, and call you back after the healing to discuss any feedback that has come through and allow you the opportunity to ask any questions.  If you are unavailable at the time of your session, I will send you a WhatsApp voice note at the start of the session with any information that has come through during the check-in. Once I have finished the healing, I will voice note you again with any feedback that has come through, and let you know what energy was worked with. You are then welcome to send me any questions you have about the healing over the next few days to get any clarity you may need.

Can you help me get back my ex?

I do not connect with people's energies without their permission and will only connect to help with healing for my client's highest good so I do not offer "get back the ex" services. 


If you are having trouble dealing with the loss of a loved one, I would love to help with your healing from the grief of the loss with one of the healing services offered. 

How often should I book an Extensive Reiki Healing or Intuitive Healing session?

The recommended time between sessions will depend on each individual client, however, as a rule of thumb, Extensive Reiki Healing and Intuitive Healings are most beneficial every 3 to 4 weeks.


It can take up to 3 weeks for your energy from the last healing to integrate, so I would not recommend coming before that. However, healing works in layers so I do recommend coming every month in order to maintain the benefits. You do not need to wait until you feel "broken" before you book your next session. It is always better to work on the layers before any symptoms start to manifest physically. 

How often should I book a Relaxing Reiki Healing?

I often refer to Relaxing Reiki Healings as an "energy massage". In the same way as massages can be used both because of discomfort as well as just to relax and treat oneself, Relaxation Reiki sessions can also be booked for the same reasons. Because of this, Relaxation Reiki sessions can be booked as often as you like.  

How often should I book Spiritual Coaching sessions? 

Spiritual Coaching sessions generally work best every 2 weeks. This allows enough time for you to process what was discussed in the last session, as well as work on any "homework" that is given between the sessions. We can then see what is and is not working for you so that we can adjust our way forward together accordingly. 

Can’t find the answer to your question? WhatsApp me on +27615240637.

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