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Not sure if my healing services will fit your needs? Take a look at what some of my past clients have said about their experiences with me..

Wow, just wow. I initially enquired about an intuitive healing session with Tanya to go through some health issues I've been experiencing and believed that there was something deeper behind it. But what i received from Tanya throughout the experience is way more that I could have ever expected. She called me the very next day and wanted to understand the reason for my enquiry and was very gentle in guiding me through what she thought would work best and explained the process as well. Her kindness and compassion come through immediately and I'm extremely grateful to have found her and go on this journey with her.

Kesh Ramlall - Johannesburg

An Alternative Healer who believes in spiritual but practical holistic techniques and healing. Tanya is the loveliest person you will ever meet. Her beauty truly radiates from the inside out. Tanya offered me a distance reading by giving me the opportunity to connect and really just get some clarity and direction. All I can say is WOW! She was spot on with so many things that I was dealing with that not a single soul knew about. It was the therapy session that I didn’t know I needed until I did it. Would absolutely recommend Tanya- she is just incredible! xx

Nicole Coutinho - Johannesburg

The reading was exactly what I was hoping for, Tanya explored my energy with the focus we set together, and what came out has been very helpful to me. Since the reading I have kept her words close to me and it has brought me a calm. It's like she understood the anxiety I felt and healed some deep wound. I still have to work on myself, it's a daily battle but it felt amazing to hear that I was going in the right direction. Thank you Tanya it was a wonderful experience, I really recommend it to anyone who needs some clarity.

Louise Noël - London

Tanya is truly professional in the services that she offers her clients. She is insightful, accurate and offers different perspectives to open up ways of seeing situations which provides a unique support to make one feel cared for and understood. She works on so many levels and always with the highest intention. The healings that Tanya has done for me has been well worth the time and allowed for significant shifts to take place. I am most grateful for the opportunity to connect with this wonderful healer and would recommend her to anyone. If you are looking for new awareness, release of limitations and old situational beliefs, and inspiration for the opening of possibility, then Tanya Parsons is definitely your healer to connect with! Thank you so much for everything that you offer! Blessings to you

Venise Germanos - Johannesburg

Tanya did an interdimensional healing on me, and not only did she pick up on energies that I hadn't mentioned from my childhood, she's helped me take steps towards healing them. This is so much more than a psychic reading, this is a healing which goes beyond the layers of the surface. I highly recommend this service!

Tasha Pienaar - New Zealand

I had a reading a few weeks back and was really surprised at what came up and without any prior discussion.

It was so convenient not to have to book and get together. Just asked for the reading and a few days later given all sorts of insight. From body pains to how to treat them to being told what my body needs in general. Tanya knew exactly where I was having issues, pain wise, without being given any information. 

On top of that she's so respectful and caring, I would highly recommend a session. 

Brigitte Reynolds - Johannesburg

I felt silly and embarrassed when I called Tanya to tell her that unexplainable thigs had started to happen at home and I thought it may be a ghost. My husband leans towards scientific thought and was very skeptical but Tanya offered to investigate. Turns out there was definitely something and she assisted remotely with a crossing over, a house cleansing and a healing for my husband. Weird things stopped shortly after that and she highlighted a lot of things in our feedback session that resonated but she couldn't have known prior. She was empathetic and handled the situation with care. I would definitely recommend Tanya's services!

Nikki A. - Johannesburg

Tanya's spiritual connection and intuition is remarkable. My Past Life Regression session with her was very insightful. She also provided guidance on a health issues I have been dealing with for a while, and what I need to change in my daily lifestyle to help with the healing. Something I have been neglecting to do and didn't even realise until my session with Tanya. The next day I felt lighter and the world look brighter. I highly recommend a session with her.

Desislava Ivanova - Johannesburg

Tanya is awesome and she connected with me deeply during our session. Her healing resonated with me on a core level, so much so, that I felt a shift within 4 days of my first treatment. You just know that when you are properly grounded, anything negative impacts you to a far lesser degree than usual. Highly intuitive healer which I plan on visiting frequently.

Zeenat - Johannesburg

Yesterday I had the absolute pleasure of being treated by Tanya Parsons at her beautiful new space in Sunninghill. Tanya assisted me with some intuitive healing, chakra realignment and aura healing. While I wasn’t sure what to expect, I left feeling lighter, more energised and surprised at her ability to read energies and heal on that level. If this resonates with you, book with her, she’s a very gifted individual.

Amanda - Johannesburg

I had a distant reading with Tanya back in November 2021. Her feedback and healing was insightful, calming and very much effective. I am a person who takes time to process and reflect on any healing and information shared. 9 months later and playing back her message a sense of love, calmness and hope flowed over me. Tanya is an Angel in my eyes.

Jackie Ramsay - Johannesburg

My session with Tanya was truly so cleansing and restorative! She has the most incredible light and calmness that made me feel at ease and able to allow for the healing process. I highly recommend you giving yourself this gift of healing and seeing Tanya for a session!

Nicole Grant - Johannesburg

Tanya is an excellent and intuitive healer. I always feel wonderful after a session with her! Highly recommended.

Carol Cox - Johannesburg

Tanya is a amazing healer, very connected and intuitive. Found her experience very deep and accurate, with amazing results. Would highly recommend a session with her.

Heidi Tessendorf - Johannesburg

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