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Energy shift from end of March 2023 - It is time to get focused on what you want

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Energy shift from end of March 2023 - It is time to get focused on what you want

There are three big shifts that have taken or will be taking place throughout the first half of this year. Although they are three different shifts, they seem to be three phases of one big shift. In order to get a little clarity, I asked for some channeled advice on these shifts and the best way to move forward in the current shift that will end at the end of May 2023.

The first shift this year was the shift that took place between the early weeks of February until around 22nd to 23rd March. This shift was highlighting to us what we were not enjoying in life and was guiding us on what we needed going forward. For example, people who needed to take a step back and rest found that their fatigue was a lot harder to ignore than usual. Some were forced, because of their severe fatigue, to take a step back and re-evaluate and prioritise work that “needed” to be done (and what work needed to be put aside for now). Others had their discontent in their job or working environment amplified, helping them re-evaluate whether this is truly the path they want to take and look elsewhere for other options. (If you would like more information on this phase, please see my blog on it here.)

We are now on the second shift of the year. For those who were able to notice and take action (even if the action was to stop taking action for a while) and make a change in their lives, this shift has a very supportive energy for the changes that have been implemented, helping the new direction to move forward smoothly. However, take note of your intuition as it will guide you when you are heading towards a more difficult path. If you find that you are not sleeping well after making a potentially big decision, perhaps reassess whether there may be another route to take. Notice, again, what new things are becoming difficult for you and figure out what the universe is showing you that is still in need of attention. During this time, what you choose to focus on will manifest, so focus on what you truly want; manifestations of things you do not want will create a lot of turmoil. Notice what is “falling apart” around you – and notice what is not serving you in the situation. This is what the universe is trying to show you. Implement a plan to remove these things from your life. Put the ball in motion now so that everything you don’t want to manifest is removed what you truly want to manifest is firmly cemented by the end of May. Where the first shift was a time only to assess and make decisions, this shift is all about making the changes needed, with the energy there to support you moving forward.

After the end of May 2023, everything that has been secured in your thoughts and manifestations will be set on their path. As I always say, your energy belongs to you, so you can always change what you are not happy with. But it will be a lot clearer before the third shift to know what is and isn’t serving you. The energy will be on its trajectory by then and it will not be as easily shifted as it is now. This shift will be where things start “going back to normal”, so we want to have the most beneficial, happy, and fulfilling “normal” that we can.

April and May will be a month of flow. If the energy is flowing in the right direction, do not try to hurry it along – enjoy the time to breathe. Allow the energy to move as intended. If it is flowing in the wrong direction… adjust your course.

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