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The Future of South Africa Channeling

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

The Future of South Africa Channeling

A few days ago, I did a channeling asking my guides to give me some advice as to what we can expect for our beautiful country and people of South Africa. Sticking true to form, they answered my question without “fortune-telling”, and it was not the answer I expected. My guides often remind me that our futures are what we make of them, and that although there may be better paths to take, that nothing is set in stone. They mostly answer questions by advising either myself or my clients how they can best heal or better themselves and their lives. This response was no exception. Even though it is not what I expected, it is information I planned to pass on once it came through, so I will honour my guides by passing on the information they have given me. I hope that this message will bring some much-needed hope to so many who are finding the current times very difficult.

“South Africa is full of hope. There are many who cannot see the beauty and rape what they do not care about. These people will be held accountable in their own time. Know that many will not face their karma in this lifetime. They are young souls and have not begun to learn what there is to learn. As South Africans, you must not allow this to leech your hope. Although they may not be punished in this lifetime, punishment should not be what you seek. Do not pray or ask for vengeance. Ask that all be forgiven, and that peace may be brought about.

“There are many truths that will play out for different people. There will be those who suffer and yet there are more that have the opportunity to experience and bring joy. Focus on that which you love, and love will come to you. Focus on achieving peace and peace will come to you. Focus on the light and light will come.” (My guides have a sense of humour and found this play with words very amusing.)

“This time and these trials are here to bring the people together. It can be used to tear apart as well – but that is a choice for you, as a nation, as an individual, and as a soul and soul-collective to make.

“There is so much love and compassion all around you. Reach out to add to it and it will be returned. Keep looking inwards, not forwards, and certainly not backwards. Appreciate the diversity that surrounds you and the love that can be shared in the knowing that we are all souls, here on this earth to learn together – to teach and learn from each other.

“Embrace each day with love and with the understanding that nothing can be learnt without giving of ourselves and our compassion. Look for similarities in everyone and let go of hatred – as that just adds to the karma of your own journey.”

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