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Updated: Jun 22, 2023

What have I done for myself today?

Over the last two months I have had an increase in the number of clients who have come to me for treatment of physical symptoms. In the different sessions, my guides told me that the root cause for a lot of these ailments is their body's reaction to them not taking the time to look after themselves.

Life is so busy these days and there is so much to be done that people are forgetting to spend some time loving themselves. It does not have to be something big, but please take the time to do one thing for yourself every day that shows your body that you care. This can be anything from watching your favourite TV program, to having your nails done, a 10 minute meditation (with no pressure on yourself if your mind wanders), cooking a meal you love to cook, or even reading a few pages of a book or your favourite magazine. How about just going to bed 10 minutes earlier for some extra sleep? Over time, hopefully you will find more time to love yourself each day when you see the wonderful changes in the way you see yourself.

I can hear you all saying, "but there is no time". Make time. You can always find 10 minutes in your day for something that you find a priority. And why are you not a priority in your own life? If you won't make time to look after yourself, how can you expect anyone else to do the same? No matter what your excuse is for not taking time for yourself; whether it be work or family or friends that simply can't do it without you, remind yourself that if you don't look after you everyone will have to do it themselves. Your body will eventually let you know that it has had enough of being neglected and it will force you to stop by being sick in one way or another. On a much lighter note, you will also notice that those things that were so urgent to do yesterday really could wait until today. And those family and friends managed to figure it out on their own and love you no less for it - and you will have more health and happiness to enjoy your time with them.

So from now on, I want you to ask yourself every day, "What have I done for myself today."

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